All in all, yet just another blog in the wall…​.. Except this one is for the regular dirtbag in all of us. [1]


unix greybeard
Photo courtesy Orion Phal.


I’m an IT Geek. I typically write about tech stuff. This one is personal.

I like being outdoors. Once upon a time I did a lot of rock climbing. Once upon a time I also spent a lot of energy studying mathematical ecology. That doesn’t put much food in your belly though, so…​

After some number of years as a nomadic climbing bum…​.

Geek Speak

After many years of using vi/m, in more recent times I’ve come to prefer Emacs. An interest in Lisp seems to be almost de’riguer consequence of such madness…​

I’ve used a lot of Linux/Unix based XFree86 and Xorg window managers and desktop environments over the years. I’m currently favoring StumpWM, a static tiling window manager with very Emacs friendly keybindings.

Operating systems of interest include Linux, Illumos based OpenSolaris descendants. We make good use of OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Once upon a time in the celebrated days of big iron, I was an HP Certified IT Professional HP-UX Systems Administrator. Yep, quite the impressive long winded title there fer' sure, fer' sure.

In more recent times I’ve been into DevOps Engineering. I like orchestrating talented teams that git' 'er done and git' 'er done well. Yippie yi yo kayah!

This Blog

During prehistoric times I had some stuff on the web. The Internet grew up. I got involved with configuring and maintaining the new wave of various cool kids on the block RDBMS backed scripting and templating interfaced slick whiz bang thangs …​. a.k.a. "The LAMP Stack". Too busy to justify such fantatiscal feats of engineering for a personal site, coupled with the ever growing profusion of the blog sphere…​. Meh, why bother?

Still…​ from time to time…​ While waxing nostalgic about bygone days I’d ponder implementing something akin to the old static workflow using more modern tool sets. Hence, I’v had an eye on static blog/site generators (SSG’s) for some while.

This blog is utilizing Cryogen, a Clojure based generator supporting Markdown and Asciidoc markup. I’m sure there are choices out there better suited for your needs. Cryogen looks to be doing a decent job of scratching my itches.

No Comments

The astute reader will note that we do not feature a comment system. Truth be told trying to maintain such would only present yet one more illusion. And certain disappointement. It would be erroneous to conclude, however, that we do not welcome discussion and healthy debate, but only that there are better channels to do so.


Gundee & Company logs webserver traffic. We do not use cookies to track your online adventures. Our blog theme does require javascript and makes use of Bootstrap to facilitate adaptive layouts tailored for various device user interfaces. What ever may be happening on their backend, we cannot vouch. For those concerned with privacy issues we heartily recommend taking a gander at HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, ClearUrls, Decentraleyes, in more or less that order.

In a breach with what has become the unquestioned defacto standard for most in the blogosphere, we choose to NOT allow our datastream to be subservient to the Disqusting privacy invasive comment system. We refer interested parties to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for further reading.


Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I don’t use social networking sites - there be monsters in them waters laddies!! [2]

Can at various times be found in the lurking on freenode at #emacs, #stumpwm, #teamcool and most recently…​ Well, one never knows…​ ;D

1. I first heard this term used by Coonyard. In more recent times, what once was a lifestyle choice now represents a marketroid opportunity. Kind of sad but I do realize folks need to eat so will reserve judgement of these young whipper snapper upstarts. ;-)
2. Well, okay, I admit it. I launched Redpoint University Climber Forums for climbing bum refugees. Dirtbags welcome.