All in all, yet just another blog in the wall…​.. Except this one is for the regular dirtbag in all of us. [1]

I am Ken.

Some folks may know me as "Mush Puppy Ken", as during my nomadic heyday I had a two Siberian Huskies that pretty much accompanied me on all but the gnarliest of adventures.

Unix Greybeard
Photo courtesy Orion Phal.


I’m an IT Geek. I sometimes write about tech stuff. This one is about real world stuff.

I like being outdoors. Once upon a time I did a lot of rock climbing. Once upon a time I also spent a lot of energy studying mathematical ecology. That doesn’t put much food in your belly though, so…​

After some number of years as a nomadic climbing bum I decided to 'settle down' a bit and get an address. I became a secondary math/science teacher. Alas, teaching does not put much food on the table either. So I 'got into' computers.


Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I don’t use social networking sites - there be monsters in them waters laddies!! [2]


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1. I first heard this term used by Coonyard. In more recent times, what once was a lifestyle choice now represents a marketroid opportunity. Kind of sad but I do realize folks need to eat so will reserve judgment of these young whipper snapper upstarts. ;-)
2. Well, okay, I admit it. I launched Redpoint University Climber Forums for climbing bum refugees. Dirtbags welcome.